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I create custom Chainsaw Carvings from logs and use the highest quality tools available. Because this is not a full time job for me, I have the luxury of taking my time to not only create one of a kind pieces but most importantly enjoy the process. I would be glad to sell you one of the Carvings in my gallery or create a custom piece for you.




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Chainsaw carving demos 

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I hope you find some useful information on wood in general, maintenance and repair of you carving, and my carving philosophy in particular

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Our Services and Products 

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Chainsaw carvings

I create custom Chainsaw carvings of almost anything you can think of.  Creating a piece that you have a connection to is a process, it starts with designing something with your input.


I use my own Chainsaw mill to rip boards and build benches that are themed and unique.  These are very interesting pieces that receive a lot of comments, I can incorporate animals or designs of your liking


I can make a sign from different types of wood as well as the traditional "Welcome" type of sign

Carving Demos

I get many requests to come on site and do a carving demonstration.  this can be done for your organization or in a more intimate setting like inviting some friends over to watch as I carve a piece at your home. You supply the party and I supply the entertainment leaving you with the finished piece.

Carving Maintenance and Repair

I can maintain your carving on an annual basis to keep it looking brand new or come out and repair any crack that inevitably appear over time.  It does not have to be a carving that I created :)