All Wood Cracks as it dries.  It is a natural process as the outer layers of wood dry more rapidly than the layers closer to the heartwood 

I make every effort to prevent cracks from developing 1n my carvings, from the selection of the log to the placement of the carving in the log however, due to the nature of wood, cracks will happen as the wood dries. This is normal and adds to its character over time.  

 I cannot guarantee that a carving will not crack - it's simply what wood does.  

 I can fix cracks

Here are a few tips.

* First - try to place your carving away from direct sunlight. A partially shaded area is better

* Second - apply additional coats of sealer if the wood is beginning to weather. The sealer will cover and continue to protect the wood from the rain, snow and sun.  My favorite is Spar Urethane or Timber Oil (although some Timber Oil is tinted), It can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot

* Third - if you place your carving outdoors in a garden or on the grass, leave an air space below the carving

* Repairing a small crack can be done by applying a wood filler or some similar sawdust mixed with wood glue

* Wider cracks may require more extensive repair which I can provide

* I offer a maintenance program that will refresh your sculpture with any required touch-up and a fresh seal coat. Prices vary according to size and detail

-   Every piece of wood is unique, some go years without any issues and others may require some occasional attention

Please don't hesitate to send me an email or call with any questions

Thank You again and enjoy your new sculpture!